Independent Living Program


Independent Living Program

At Milestone, we believe that when persons with disabilities have the right skills and resources, they can live independently as a vital part of our community. The Independent Living Program works towards this vision by empowering participants to integrate fully into society and maintain control over their lives.

Program participants are encouraged to explore options and solve problems regarding any life changing experiences, including adjustment to a newly acquired disability, changes in living arrangements, or learning to use community services more effectively.

The Independent Living Program includes independent skills training, transition services, youth and family services.

Each year, this program includes many persons with disabilities in our community.

Independent Skills Training provides information and support to persons with disabilities in achieving their independent living goals, including managing personal attendant, finding accessible housing transportation, utilizing assistive technology, finding volunteer work, constructing a budget and seeking educational opportunities.

Youth and Family Services fosters independent living through youth development principles and practices. Services include a Youth Group, Youth Independent Living Services and Education Advocacy. These activities teach and model independent living skills, advocacy knowledge and socializing.

Accessible Housing Services provides information and resources on accessible housing and financial assistance for accessible home modification.

Individual Peer Support Services provide support, information, and resources to community members who are newly disabled. We pair participants with a trained peer who serves as a mentor, sharing personal experiences and helping the participants to live independently.