Public Policy


Public Policy

The public policy program advocates for policies and services that create opportunities for people with disabilities to integrate in the social economics mainstream. Priority includes increasing access to affordable health care, expanding community based services options, and increasing voter turnout among persons with disabilities. Milestone organizes efforts around public policies, such as education, transportation and housing which empower persons with disabilities to live productive lives and participate in community activities.

Our public policy program includes the community advocates, disability coalition on health reforms, legislative advocacy, and the purpose of these advocacy initiatives is to organize the disability community to change policies and remove barriers. The goal is to have communities in which persons with disabilities are fully included.

Community Advocates promote and organize leadership development for persons with disabilities. The advocates work with lawmakers, business owners, and organizations to promote accessibility and disability rights in the community.

Milestone’s Legislative Advocacy efforts include initiating legislation to remove barriers and create opportunities. Activities include building legislative support, informing and mobilizing grassroots advocates and shaping public policy through the legislative process.