Muhammad Akmal

Muhammad Akmal

Japanese Class

I studied Japanese language for three months form 2nd September 2003. I studied it with other trainees of different countries. As the trainees were from different countries, the class was very interesting. Because we used our own language some time. But there were nobody to understand it. At time of study, I thought I could speak Japanese with in a month, but it was not possible as Japanese was difficult language. So I could not communicate to with others.

Individual Training

Wheelchair Training

As soon as our language class was over, I went to Toyama Ken to get training on how to make wheelchairs. I saw very big company which was making wheelchairs in Japan. The name of this company is MATSUNAGA. The company makes wheelchair as per the need of each persons with disability. That is very good, because there is not such company which makes wheelchairs according to the need of individual in Pakistan.

Home Stay

I was given one week to stay with Japanese people as home stay. But unfortunately it did not get family environment because I lived in Independent Living Center first two days. I was really shocked and sad because my hope to stay with family went in vain as they were unable to give time to me. After two days I got some friends in Independent Living Center and enjoyed with them. I was taken to their house, though I had not good time with my host family, I was very nice to spend time to Japanese friends. I was happy to get them as a friend.


I found Japan barrier free and accessible, elevator, Braille block, are its example I was really surprised and happy to be the usual of barrier free society of Japan. I found Japanese people; especially staffs in stations are very kind. I really like their behavior which made me easy to go in different places.

Independent Living Training

From January I went different Independent Living Center to get training about Independent Living Movement. The centers I visited were Mainstream (Nishinomiya), Human Care (Hachioji), AJU (Nagoya), Partner (Oosaka). Since the way of spoken language in Tokyo and other parts of Japan is different. It was very difficult for me to learn about Independent Living Movement. As they try to teach in very easy way, I somehow under stud what they wanted to teach. They are very kind. I learned about Independent Living Program, and became more confident. I studied peer counseling and Independent Living Program. I got to now about different disabilities, especially psychiatric disability during my stay in Japan. I knew nothing about Psychiatric disability before coming to Japan. I was impressed and empowered by Persons with Disability and system of the country to such people. The country support is very good to them. I visited three institutes during the individual training, and met many people. I found the institute not so good as there was no freedom of choice. Everything had to be done not by the need of Persons with Disability, but by the decision of others. 4~6 persons were in the same room.


I went to ski with all trainees in Niigata prefecture. I had no experience of skiing, when I was in Pakistan. People can even not think that the Persons with Disability do ski. I had also same thing in my mind. But we all trainees did ski and that was really good experience for my life. Besides, we were taught how to swim, from September to November once in a week. I was not good in swimming, but I became able to swim. I also participated in wheel chair marathon in Nagoya, and got 2nd position among 43 players. I also went to Universal studio Japan (USJ), Oosaka, Expo Park Oosaka, Disney Sea, and Disneyland.


During my stay, I made many friends. I got an opportunity to be familiar with other six trainees and situation of their country as we were together for many times. One trainee from Sri Lanka, Mr. Haq has hearing impairment so in the beginning it was difficult to communicate with him, as I didn’t know sign language very well. Since he taught me is slowly, it became possible some how and now I can simply communicate with him. I found Sign sing language is very interesting.

Thanks to All

The Duskin Leadership Training Program is great opportunity for me. Diskin program is good for young people, they invite persons with cross disabilities from different countries from Asia and pacific. I give my one-year to Duskin instead of it, Duskin gave me life vision. Which I hope will help me go ahead smoothly. I really appreciate this program. I would like to thank you all Duskin Ainowa Foundation and JSRPD staff for giving the opportunity to have training in Japan. Thanks to all my friends and teachers with whom I played, enjoyed and learned a lot during my stay in Japan.