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Milestone Society for the Special Persons was established in March 1993 by the Disabled persons to make them useful for their family as well as for the country and was registered in August 1996 with social welfare department. The society mainly focuses on Independent Living, Education, Barrier free society, Awareness Raising, capacity building, provision of basic facilities and normalizing the Disabled persons to become honorable citizens and asset of courage.

At Milestone, We believe that when persons with disabilities have the right skills and resources, they can live independently an equal part of community. Each year, we serve over 4000 members with all types of lifestyles, including physical, cognitive, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. Our service area include all Pakistan as the largest organization serving persons with all types of disabilities, with an emphasis on increased independence, Milestone is truly distinctive among organizations serving persons with disabilities.

Our mission is to make Milestone such an organization of Pakistan that should be able to serve persons with disabilities in the best possible manners. We have committed ourselves to generate courage in each member and polish their qualities so that they should not only be able to contribute in society but for their families as well and serve as agents for change.


Milestone is providing services to persons with disabilities in general and to persons with severe disabilities in particular.

Disability Rights

The Disability Rights program advocates for policies and services that create opportunities for people with disabilities to integrate in the social economics mainstream.

Personal Attendent Services

P.A services for persons with disabilities as required to accommodate their performance of activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include, but are not limited to, assisting with showering, dressing, bowel and bladder care, and transfers.

Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Program enables persons with disabilities to become more independent through the use of assistive technology. Our services provide access to assistive technology devices like Wheelchairs, White Canes, Text Mobile Phones and repairing as well as health and wellness programs.


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Independent Living Program

Milestone enjoys the distinction of introducing independent living concept in Pakistan. At Milestone, we believe that when persons with disabilities learn self management skills and resources, they can live independently as a vital part of our community and serve it as well.

Sakura wheelchair Project

The Sakura Wheelchair Project is a wonderful initiative brought to Pakistan by the people of Japan. The electric wheelchairs we are receiving through this project have not only changed the lives of persons with disabilities in Pakistan, but can also be said to have brought about a new “independent living movement” in Pakistan.


Milestone Society for the Special Persons enjoys the distinction of introducing Sports for persons with disabilities in Pakistan. This initiative was taken years back in Pakistan by introducing wheelchair cricket for persons with disabilities.


Milestone is rich with Duskin Leadership Training Graduates


I came to Japan on 24th August 2001. It was raining.This is my first visit to Japan. I could not speak Japanese at all and was worried that I could not communicate with people.Akiko met me at the airport.And so my training began.

Shafiq Ur Rehman

Muhammad Akmal

I studied Japanese language for three months form 2nd September 2003. I studied it with other trainees of different countries. As the trainees were from different countries, the class was very interesting. Because we used our own language some time.


Rizwan Ijaz

I became disabled when I was four months old. When I was a child I wanted to play with my friends in my neighborhood, but my parents would not allow me. Life at that time was extremely boring.

rizwan ijaz duskin

Anam Khan

We had studied Japanese for three months at Toyama Sunrise. Before coming to Japan, I knew that how to say greetings in Japanese only, so it was very difficult to learn about Japanese.

miss anam

Milestone Team


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