Milestone Sports Activities

Milestone Society for the Special Persons enjoys the distinction of introducing Sports for persons with disabilities in Pakistan. This initiative was taken years back in the country. Persons with disabilities lack such sports activities where they can enjoy and execute their hidden talents. Keeping this in view Milestone introduced wheelchair cricket and organized national events in this regard. The wheelchair tournaments are organized every year in the countries in different cities where teams from different cities of country participate.

Annual Abbottabad Sports Festival

Abbottabad Sports festival is the major sports festival in Pakistan that is organized every year by Milestone society for the special persons in collaboration with sports board. This tournament provides persons with disabilities to participate each year with zeal and zest. The tournament includes different sports of persons with disabilities and wheelchair cricket stands as the major activity.

Wheelchair Cricket

Milestone Society for the Special Persons introduces wheelchair cricket in Pakistan years back and promoted this healthy activity among persons with disabilities. There are professional teams of wheelchair cricket in different cities of Pakistan that organize wheelchair Cricket Tournament each year where person with disabilities participate each year.